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I am an associate professor (senior lecturer) at the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool.

I am a member of the Argumentation group (which I lead), the Autonomous Systems group, and an external member of the Knowledge Representation group. I am also a member of the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty of the University of Liverpool.

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23rd November 2016
Talk at the Choice Group Seminar, London School of Economics

29th October 2016
Keynote talk at Dynamics in Logic IV, TU Delft

23rd September 2016
1st Liverpool Economic Theory and Computation Workshop

16th September 2016
Contributed talk at the 33rd annual conference of the European Association for Law & Economics (EALE'16)

July 2016
Co-chair of the 18th European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS'16), University of Catania, Italy

25th-27th November 2015
Invited talk at the LogiCiC workshop Reasoning in Social Context, Amsterdam

18th-20th November 2015

Invited talk at the LABEX CIMI Pluridisciplinary Workshop on Game Theory, Toulouse

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