I am currently a member of the Post-Genomic Bioinformatics group in the Institute of Integrative Biology. I am currently responsible for the development of a BBSRC Sparking Impact project to develop a software tool for performing label-based proteomics.

In addition to this I am also an Honorary Fellow in the Department of Computer Science where I am responsible for the development and management of the GraphDraw project as well as the administration and further development of systems for the management of final year projects and algorithmic teaching.


I currently hold two undergraduate qualifications in software engineering, HND Computing (Software Development) from Wigan & Leigh College, and a BSc (Hons) Computer Applications from the University of Sunderland. In addition to these I hold a MSc Advanced Computer Science and, more recently, have a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool. For my PhD I was supervised by Prof. Leszek A. Gąsieniec, Prof. Dariusz Kowalski, and Prof. Jurek Czyzowicz.


Currently I am a software engineer in the Post-Genomic Bioinformatics developing tools for performing label-based proteomics.

Previously, at the later end of the first year of my PhD I was accepted for an internship with INRIA, which took place at LaBRI, Bordeaux, France. For the duration of my internship, I was supervised by Ralf Klasing.