COMP 528, Multi-Core and Multi-Processor Programming



  • Tuesday, 12:00, Lifs-LT1 (Life Sciences Bld, Lecture Theatre 1)
  • Tuesday, 15:00, Brod-107 (Brodie Bld, Room 107)
  • Wednesday, 9:00, Brod-108 (Brodie Bld, Room 108)
Practical Sessions

  • Thursday, 11:00, Lab 4 or Thursday, 16:00, Lab 4, (check your personal timetable), Holt Building, Starting from Week 2


  • P. Pacheo, An introduction to Parallel Programming, Morgan Kaufmann, 2011 (or later edition)
  • I. Horton, Beginning C, Berkeley, CA : Apress , 5th Edition, 2013. [available as electronic book in the library of UoL]
Additional Books

  • Darryl Gove, Multicore Application Programming for Windows, Linux, and Oracle Solaris, Addison-Wesley, 2010

Regular Lectures Programming with MPI and OpenMP

  • NVIDIA, Introduction to Accelerated Computing, free online Lab session on OpenACC, CUDA, etc
  • Exam papers

    Introductory materials on C programming, by courtesy of Dr Terry R. Payne

    Last updated 05.01.2018