Who am I

I have recently completed a PhD studentship in the Computer Science department of Liverpool University, under the expert supervision of Michael Fisher and Mike Wooldridge, graduating in July 2011.

With the title "Agents, Context and Logic.", my project involved using logic techniques to program a future generation of computing systems that are characterised by distributed, often mobile, devices that pervade our environment. Variously referred to as ubiquitous computing, pervasive systems and context-awareness these systems, or their components, are expected to exhibit attributes which are often associated with theories of agency. Hence, my project explored the use of a principled agent programming technique to analyse such systems.

In addition to a number of publications, a significant output of my efforts is the implementation of Concurrent MetateM—a multi-agent system specification language. This implementation is available for download, complete with accompanying documentation, here.

If you have a common interest or would like more information about me or my project, please do contact me.


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