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A Java implementation of MetateM for download.


MetateM is an agent-oriented programming language that is strongly based upon the theory of temporal logic and is influenced by methods of formal software development.

MetateM is provided free of cost, is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License and is, of course, provided without any warranty.

Introduction to MetateM

The language is of a declarative nature, allowing an agent's behaviour with respect to time to be described by logical rules and various meta-statements. Strictly, MetateM is a specification language that is directly executable, thus ensuring the execution of a multi-agent system is correct with respect to it specification.

The theory of MetateM has been developed over a number of years by Michael Fisher and others. This software aims to be a robust implementation of the fundamental aspects of this theoretical work with the aim of evaluating its practicality for various agent application areas. In particular, this implementation of MetateM provides agents with programming constructs for capturing the dynamic structural/social nature of multi-agent systems. These grouping constructs provide a basis for describing a variety of agent-organisation abstractions such as groups and teams. A more detailed introduction to MetateM theory and this implementation is included in the download.


The MetateM download is a zip file which, when unzipped, provides the MetateM interpreter (an archive of Java class files), documentation and a series of example agent systems.

All platforms : Version 0.2.2

Getting Started

Becoming a MetateM developer has never been so easy. Just follow these simple steps to temporal-logic utopia (more detail can be found in the download's README file):

  1. Download and unpack the zip file.
  2. If necessary, download and install Java runtime version 1.6.
  3. Put lib/metatem.jar into your CLASSPATH.
  4. Create a MetateM system file plus one or more agent files.
  5. Execute your agent system using the command
    $java metatem.Main systemFile

If the documentation is not helpful please do not hesitate to contact me.


An on-line tutorial is currently being prepared. For now, please refer to the documentation below and the introduction provided in the download.


The following documentation is provided on-line. Some of these are also found in the download, but the on-line versions are guaranteed to be the latest and greatest.

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