Clare Dixon - Teaching


Currently I teach the following module.


I supervise both final year undergraduate and MSc projects. Please see the e-project system for details.

Useful Information for Academic Advisees

Study Skills

The University offers a range of study skills sessions including

Careers and Employability

The University Careers Service offers a range of support and guidance including from applications and interviews.

Requests for Reference Letters

If you would like me to act as a referee for applications for employment or further study you should first ask me whether I am willing to do this. I will usually agree if you are my academic advisee or my final year project student. Given the number of such students I have allocated I am unlikely to agree any further requests. To request a reference you need to request this via the Departmental Reference System SAM (see the Departmental Student Handbook page 33 for more information). It may take me up to a week (longer in busy periods or vacation time) to complete the reference once this has been requested by the relevant University. I don't usually provide references directly to students. You need to input one request for every University/course you apply to and are allowed to request up to five references. I can't complete the references without you doing this. There is a Departmental limit of 5 reference letters we should provide. I will only agree an extension to this in exceptional circumstances.

University and the Student Guild Support Services

Modules Taught in the Past

In the past I have taught:-