COMP390/393/394/395: Choosing Your Project

Types of Project

There are three types of project according to the level and type of original input required by the student:

In a research project students will be expected to work on a topic of current research. Typically they will be required to read one or two research papers putting forward some suggestion or conjecture, and to explore this suggestion so as to arrive at some conclusion regarding it.

Students attempting this style of project will be expected to contribute to the formulation of the problem as well as its solution. Evaluation should play a key role, offering considerable scope for the exercise of critical judgement, placing the contribution fully in the context of related work, in addition to evaluating the choices made, and the quality of the product produced.


Choosing a Project

Each member of Staff suggests a list of projects, of all three types, that they are willing to supervise. In addition, some members of Staff are willing to supervise student-specified projects. The procedure of project selection consists of two phases described below.

Project selection: Phase 1

The list of projects that are available to you (according to your degree programme and Year 2 performance) is available through the E-project system. In the period 8th May - 2nd June 2017 you can browse through available projects, contact supervisors to discuss details and asking for allocating a project. You can be allocated only one project. Although it is possible to filter through all available projects, it is strongly recommended to set the filter to the non-assigned projects of proper type and appropriate for your programme.

Project selection: Phase 2

If you have no project allocated by 5th June 2017, you will be asked to mark 10 projects in the E-project system, by 16th June 2017. The option of marking projects will be available by the beginning of Phase 2.

Student-Specified projects

If you would like to specify your own project, you can contact any academic member of staff with your suggestion, and see whether they will supervise it. Note that supervisors will classify the project as one of the three types, and no one will be permitted to take an inappropriate project. You have to ensure that the member of staff who has agreed to supervise your SSP project will enter this allocation into the E-project system.

Allocation of Projects

A tentative allocation of students to projects will be done after the examination results are available in June, although the student successfully allocated in Phase 1 have their allocations guaranteed. The final allocation, should be known by the end of the first week of new semester.

While every effort will be made to accommodate one of the projects marked in Phase 2 to students who have not allocated a project in Phase 1, it is possible that, if only over subscribed projects are included, it is not possible to allocate a student with a project drawn from their preferences. If this is the case, the third round of projects allocation, involving the unallocated students and unassigned projects will be conducted in the first week of the first semester. Any student who has not submitted a list of choices will be also included in this round: obviously choices will be more limited at this stage.