COMP390/393/394/395: Guidelines for Projects

Types of Project

There are three types of project according to the level and type of original input required by the student:

Each member of staff has to propose 14 projects in total: 4 research projects, 6 problem solving projects, and 4 development projects. In addition, you are asked to indicate whether you are willing to supervise student-specified projects.

Degree Programme Specific Projects

For each project that your propose you will have to indicate for which degree programmes it is suitable. This decision should take into account the topic of the project as well as the skills and knowledge that is required of the student who will undertake the project. The form allows you to distinguish the following types of projects:

Note that these indicators are not intended to be mutually exclusive: A project can have a electronic commerce computing and a software development component at the same time (indeed it should). And such a project would not only be suitable for G490 Electronic Commerce Computing or G610/G611 Software Development students, but also for G501/G503 Internet Computing and G500/G502 Computer Information Systems students.

So, please be careful not to be too restrictive.

Finally, `Web database' projects should have both a strong programming component and very high quality expectations.

Entry of 2017-18 honours projects

Please use the E-project system: (last year's projects are accessible in E-project by switching the year at the top right corner).

To enter your projects, you can either use the buttons "Roll over unassigned projects from previous year" or "Roll over all projects from previous year", or enter your projects from scratch using the button "Add a project" in the main menu. Edit text possibly by performing cut&paste from your preferred text editor. Hyperlinks can be effected by including the appropriate HTML tags within the text entered in a form field. Indeed, it is possible to enter arbitrary HTML code in the form fields (but don't overdo it).

You can ammend your project at any time. Student Specified Projects (SSP) should also be entered via the E-project - in such case, you should also choose the student from the list bar at the bottom of the screen (when adding or editing your project).


Entry of 2017-18 honours projects needs to be completed by Thursday, April 27, 2017.