Dr Elisa Cucco

University of Liverpool


My research interests include:

  • Autonomous systems.
  • Reconfigurable autonomy.
  • Model checking agent programming languages (e.g., MCAPL).
  • Robotics: Human-Robot Interaction, robot coordination.

Currently I am involved in the Reconfigurable Autonomy project.
Since the need for autonomous systems that can act intelligently without human intervention increases a more reliable, adaptive and consistent approach is needed. Autonomous systems typically employ a hybrid architecture, where control systems are over-seen by the rational agent; such agents are high-level decision makers and they should have reasons for making the choices they do. Therefore the aim of the project is to provide a rational agent architecture that controls autonomous decision making, is re-usable and can be configured for many different autonomous systems. Reconfigurable autonomy pursues the aim to make an autonomous architecture more reliable and easier to develop on different autonomous systems.

I am also cooperating with Prof. Karl Tuyls, working on the interaction between telepresence and swarm robotics.