Aimd and Learning Outcomes

Ontology Languages (Comp 321)

Frank Wolter


To introduce logical languages used to build ontologies and terminologies in computer science and information systems.
To introduce logic-based methodologies for designing and maintaining ontologies.
To introduce reasoning problems and procedures in standard ontology languages such as description logics.
To study the trade-off between expressive power and computational complexity of reasoning for ontology languages.
To study applications of ontologies in bio-informatics, medical informatics, and the semantic web.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course students should:
Be able to translate natural language to standard ontology languages (such as description logics) and back.
Understand the formal semantics of standard ontology languages.
Be able to design ontologies in standard ontology languages.
Understand and be able to apply reasoning procedures for description logics.
Be able to apply ontologies in computer science applications.
Understand how reasoning is used in the design and maintenance of ontologies.