Logic in Computer Science (Comp118)

Frank Wolter

Times and Location

The module runs in the second semester. Lectures start in week 2 (4th of February 2013): The Thursday tutorials start in week 3 (14th of February), the Monday tutorials start in week 4 (18th of February). Students should try to solve the problems on the problem sheets before the tutorials. Part of the continuous assessment mark is based on participation in tutorials and reasonable attemps to solve the problems.

Office Hours

If you need to see me individually I will normally be available in my office (room 114, Ashton Building) at the following days and times.

Continuous Assessment

20% of the module mark will be based on continuous assessment. There will be two class tests of 25 minutes (each worth 7% of the final mark). Participation in tutorials, including making reasonable attempts to solve the problems on the problem sheets for the tutorial and bringing these to the tutorials is worth 6% of the final mark.


There will be a two hour exam (worth 80% of the final mark).


Recommended texts