Aimd and Learning Outcomes

Logic in Computer Science (Comp118)

Frank Wolter


To introduce the notation and concepts of formal logic.
To describe and emphasise the role of formal logic in Computer Science and Information Systems.
To promote the importance of formal notations as the necessary means of ensuring clarity, precision and absence of ambiguity.
To provide a solid foundation for modules that make use of formal logic such as artificial intelligence, formal methods, knowledge representation, multi-agent systems, ontology languages, and advanced web technologies.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module the student should be able to:
translate natural language descriptions and reasoning processes to and from logical equivalents in the propositional and predicate logic.
evaluate first-order predicate logic formulae in relational stuctures and understand the relationship to relational databases.
state and apply a proof system (either tableaux or sequent) for propositional and predicate logic.