Igor Potapov


Research interests:  My research is mostly in the study of different reachability questions and the boundaries between decidable and undecidable problems that concern automata, formal languages, semigroups and iterative maps. These areas have quite broad connections with algorithms and combinatorics on words, abstract algebra, topology and computation theory. 

Also I am interested in the design & analysis of algorithms in distributed computational models and particularly interested in self-organization, pattern formation and analysis of computational power.

I am a Reader at the University of Liverpool and the member of  Algorithmics Group in the Department of Computer Science.

    RP’2015 (Warsaw, Poland)       
    DLT’2015 (Liverpool, UK)              
    MCU‘2015 (Famagusta, Cyprus)http://dlt2015.csc.liv.ac.uk/shapeimage_3_link_0
 Department of Computer Science,
   The University of Liverpool
  Office: Ashton Building, 3.15
Email: potapov [at] liverpool.ac.ukhttp://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/http://www.liv.ac.uk/shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
Reachability ProblemsRP.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
         EPSRC grant: “Reachability problems for words, matrices and maps”
               2014-2018 (EP/M00077X/1) Postdoc positions are available.http://gow.epsrc.ac.uk/NGBOViewGrant.aspx?GrantRef=EP/M00077X/1https://www.liv.ac.uk/working/jobvacancies/currentvacancies/research/r-586930/shapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1
Efficient Sequential Algorithms (COMP309) - lecturer
Honours & Msc Projects - supervisor
            Assessment Officer, Examinations Officer, Chair of Mitigating Circumstances Committee, 
            Member of Board of Studies in Computer Science, Member of Faculty Progress Committee.http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~igor/COMP309/shapeimage_8_link_0