Applied Algorithmics (COMP526)

Administration Details - 2018

Lectures/problem solving sessions

The lectures are held in Brodie Tower on:

The lectures start on Monday, January 29th 2018.
Your lecturer: Leszek A Gasieniec, room 3.21 (Ashton Building), email:


The COMP526 tutorials start during the first week of the semester.
Students are allocated to two groups with tutorials scheduled on:

Your demonstrator: Ioannis Lamprou, room 3.10 (Ashton Building), email:

Office hours


Students are expected to attend all lectures, tutorials, and to submit all parts of the continuous assessment on time, unless they have a good reason to defer their work.

Assessment Process

You pass or fail the course according to your performance in 2 forms of assessment:
-- continuous including two programming tasks and one (video) presentation (25%) as well as
-- the final exam (75%).


Should a student be worried about their performance they are requested to contact either their
demonstrator Ioannis Lamprou or lecturer Leszek Gasieniec.
For some other module related communication we will use also Twitter system. Feel free to open account (if needed) and follow @lag_526.
I will follow you back if your account is solely dedicated to COMP526.