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Welcome to Parmenides

Thankyou for visiting the Parmenides system. Parmenides is a system designed to gather opinions on a particular proposal, according to a specific structure that allows us to pinpoint exactly which parts of the debate respondents agree or disagree with.

The system consists of two parts. Firstly, you will be asked to provide a critique of the proposal, simply by answering "Yes" and "No" to the questions posed. The proposal consists of a number of elements, namely the current circumstances in which a particular action should be carried out in order to reach a goal. This goal promotes a social value. A social value is a very general description of a desirable state of affairs.

After submitting your critique of the proposal, you are given the opportunity to submit your own position on the topic by chosing elements that are relevant to your opinions.

Throughout the website, you give your critiques and opinions by choosing from pre-entered responses. Although this restricts the responses that you can give, it allows us to analyse and draw conclusions from the data that is collected.

For more information on Parmenides, including downloadable versions of some of our publications about the system, please visit the Parmenides homepage at

Some points to note before you start:
  • You will be asked for your name. You do not have to enter your real name, and even if you do, we won't link your response to your name.
  • If you agree with the initial position of the debate, you will not be asked any more questions. The aim of Parmenides is to discover reasons for disagreement.
  • Please give us your feedback by answering the questionnaire at the end
  • View our Privacy Policy for information on how the data you supply is used and stored

What Parmenides IS

  • Anonymous - we won't link your name to the information your submit
  • A system for submitting your opinions on a proposal
  • A system that allows policy creators to analyse respondents' opinions on their policy
  • A prototype system - please give us your feedback by clicking the link at the end of your visit!

What Parmenides ISN'T

  • For free-text arguing - we are trying to collect opinions only on the current topic of debate. Please let us know if there is a topic of debate that you'd like to see appear in the system
  • Going to influence any official policy - the data we gather is for evaluation of Parmenides only

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