Phase Transition Phenomena in Combinatorial Problems


(supported under the

EPSRC/London Mathematical Society

MathfIT Initiative)

25th-27th January 1999

Department of Computer Science

University of Liverpool

Ian Gent Jacobo Toran and Jochen Messner
H.N.V. Temperley Martin Dyer and H.N.V. Temperley
Leslie Goldberg, Ravi Somasundram, Jochen Messner and Andreas Goerdt
John Savage

Barbara Smith Ehud Friedgut Paul E. Dunne

Yuval Peres Paul E. Dunne, Iain Stewart, Leslie Goldberg

Remi Monasson, John Savage, Yuval Peres

Michele Zito, Gabriel Istrate, Alan Gibbons, Paul Spirakis

(Photographs taken by: Ken Chan, Alan Gibbons, and Michele Zito)