Richard Steven Stocker

Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool
Room 109
Ashton Building
L69 3BX
United Kingdom


Richard Stocker

About me:

Born and bred in Ellesmere Port, over the water as they say in Liverpool. I studied for my Bsc in Computer Science here at the University of Liverpool from 2002-2005. I worked very briefly in software development/technical support for a very small company in Liverpool. After this company I started a PGCE (teaching ICT) in 2007 at John Moores University before moving on to an Msc in Advanced Computer Science in 2008 at the University of Liverpool. I am currently studying for my PhD, under the supervision of Michael Fisher, within the Logic and Computation Department (LoCo) at the University of Liverpool.

Research Interests:

My PhD is looking toward the verification of human-agent teamwork. Ultimately the aim of my PhD is to develop tools which are capable of automatically analysing human-agent teamwork. By human-agent teamwork I mean autonomous software or robots which can collaborate with or assist humans in completing a task. Such examples of this are planetary/lunar exploration missions using human(astronaut)/robot teams, robots in home-healthcare and human interaction with ubiquitous autonomous systems such as smart phones. The approach I advocate for this analysis is formal verification, specifically model checking, to automatically check all possible executions of the system. Specifically, I wish to use the Brahms modelling framework, together with abstraction into agent code, and application of automated agent verification techniques for agent programs in order to analyse human-agent collaborative activities.


Semester 1:

COMP101: An Introduction to Programming in Java

COMP305: Biocomputation

Semester 2: