Project Description

This is a project that we worked on over the course of the DEVxS 2011 conference. At the conference a competition was held for everone present that involved doing something interesting with libary data that was provided. Our entry took the data, cleaned it up, made it easily searchable and also provided a front end interface for the user. When searching the data, on books and publications, information is shown about what other items were read by the readers of the searched item. OokNog was also our team name. It is a Dutch word that means "Also" and so is an adept choice. The team consisted of Andrew Collins, Jude-Thaddeus Ojiaku, Arnoud Pastink and myself. We won first prize.

If you wish to try this service out for yourself please visit the OokNog webpage here:

OokNog Website

Project Languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • C#