Dr Terry R. Payne

Department of Computer Science

University of Liverpool

Ashton Building, Ashton Street,

Liverpool, L69 3BX, UK


He is on several Program Committees for various Agents, Services and Semantic Web conferences; he chaired the 2003 and 2005 AAAI Symposia on Agents and Semantic Web Services; was program co-chair for the Tenth Cooperative Information Agents Workshop in 2006, and the Tenth International Conference on Electronic Commerce in 2008. He co-authored the W3C OWL-S Service Description Language Recommendation Note; and in 2004-06, he jointly coordinated AgentLink III - an EU funded Coordination Action Project for Agent-Based Computing.  He is on the editorial board for IEEE Intelligent Systems, where he also runs a “department” on Agents.  He is also on the editorial board for JAAMAS - the Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, and is co-editor in chief for the Electronic Commerce Research and Applications Journal.  He has been on the scientific advisory board for Tideway Systems.



Terry joined the University of Liverpool in 2008, after having spent six years at the University of Southampton, where he carried out research in agent-based computing and knowledge-based systems and services.  His specific interest is in the use of ontological knowledge for the support of service discovery and provision.  He was previously involved with the Intelligent Software Agents Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to working at CMU, he spent five years as a Graduate Student at the Computing Science Department, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, after having spent three formative years in industry as a Software Engineer.  Since becoming faculty, he has also spent time as a visiting scientist at several international universities; including the Mindswap labs at UMD, the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and more recently, the Nokia Research Center, Cambridge, and CSAIL at MIT.


It was on his return to the UK that Terry met, and a little later, subsequently married Valli Tamma (University of Liverpool) in Bari, Italy, and in the summer of 2007, they gave birth to a little tyke called Alessandro.  For a while, he  spent much of his time in either Liverpool, or Southampton due to the “two-body problem” (the challenge of having both members of an academic couple work in the same city).  However, this was finally solved in August 2008, when he joined the University of Liverpool, eliminating what had been an 800km round trip weekly commute.