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Hello, my name is Wilf Glover. I am a student at the University of Liverpool and I am currently in my first year studying Computer Science. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, creating digital art in Photoshop and playing Video Games either on my Xbox or on my PC. If you want to email me you can here.

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I made this a few years ago and it was my first attempt at trying various lighting effects. I have had an interest in space and the effect of light coming from the darkness and I wanted to show that here. Overall in photoshop this took around 50 layers, which was the most I'd ever used at the time.


This was one of my first photo manipulations. It consists of several images being put into one image and trying to give it a consistent look. This particular image consists of 5 other images. I started off with the inial picture of the lake, then the tree line was added. The sky and the mountains in the background had also been added, the final image was a picture of raindrops on a window pane to give a different look to the water.


For this image I didn't have any particular inspirations but again, as with the first image in this showcase, I wanted to do something that had a contrast between light and dark. For this particular image I decided on a more abstract, messy look.

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