COMP110 Professional Skills in Computer Science (2017-18) -- Assignment 3

This assignment consists of three separate tasks:

  1. Complete a skills audit and action plan using the form available at
    and convert the completed form to PDF.

    Additional instructions are contained on the form itself. Also consult for additional advice on the types of evidence you can use to demonstrate that you possess a particular skill.

    This task will contribute 46% to the overall mark for this assignment.

  2. Write a short report that reflects (a) on a recent business news story or report related to the IT industry and (b) on a recent news story or report related to the education of Computer Science students. `Recent' means that the news story or report must have been published between December 2017 and mid February 2018. The reflection should include what you have learned from those news stories or reports. The report must correctly acknowledge its sources.

    The report is expected to be at most two pages long, including any references, title and author. The text should be typeset for A4 paper format, using a 12 point font, double spaced lines, with a top, bottom and inner margin of 1.5cm and an outer margin of 3.0cm. You can use a word processor or typesetting system of your choice to prepare the report. The report must be submitted as PDF file.

    This task will contribute 14% to the overall mark for this assignment

  3. Produce a CV targeted towards gaining work experience/internships. The CV must be submitted as PDF file.

    For further guidance on CVs see

    This task will contribute 40% to the overall mark for this assignment.

Each task must be completed by yourself using your own words (see the University guidance on academic integrity, which can be found at, for additional information).


Submit the three PDF files via the departmental coursework submission system at (COMP110-3: Employability) by the deadline indicated below.


The deadline for this assignment is

Thursday, 22 February 2018, 10:00

Earlier submission is possible, but any submission after the deadline attracts the standard lateness penalties. Please also remember that a strict interpretation of `lateness' is applied by the Department, that is, a submission on Thursday, 22 February 2018, 10:01 is considered to be a day late (analogously for submissions that are delayed further).


This assessment will directly or indirectly address the following learning outcomes of the module:

  • effectively communicate in writing and orally;
  • manage their own learning and have an awareness of the importance of lifelong learning and the roles of computing professionals.

The following penalties apply in addition to lateness penalties:

  • If not all the files submitted for this assignment are PDF files, then 5 marks will be subtracted from the overall mark for this assignment.
  • if the report does not follow the typesetting instructions, then 5 marks will be subtracted from the overall mark for this assignment.
  • for each page that the report exceeds the page limit, 5 marks will be subtracted from the overall mark for this assignment.

However, no work which achieves a mark of 40 or more before the application of these penalties will be reduced below the pass mark once the penalties are taken into account.

This assignment will contribute 25% to the overall mark of COMP110.

Remember that to pass COMP110 you must submit work for all assignments on COMP110 and that the work must constitute a reasonable attempt.