COMP110 Professional Skills in Computer Science (2016-17)

Module Notes

The slides used in COMP110 lectures will not be made available as a single file or single printout. This is because during a lot of the lectures you will be asked questions the answers to which will be contained in the slides. Instead you will be given access to the slides of each lecture separately.

On-line, the slides used in the lectures will typically be made available on this web page shortly after each lecture, but only as long as attendance of lectures stays above 67%.

The slides will be available in two different layouts:

  • as a PDF file with 8 slides per physical page;
  • as a PDF file with 1 slide per physical page.

Printouts of the slides for a lecture will be handed out during tutorials. Spare printouts of the module notes can be found on the shelve opposite the Computer Science Helpdesk (Holt Building, Room 225).


Practicals and Tutorials

During both tutorials and lab sessions you will typically work through exercise sheets which are either handed out during previous lectures or at the start of the session itself. The practical exercise sheets will also be available on this web page.