COMP519 Web Programming (2017-18) -- Assignment 1: HTML

Your task for this practical assignment consists of two parts:

  1. Create an HTML document that provides information about yourself as described in more detail in the Requirements section below.
  2. Make the HTML document that you have created accessible via the URL<your user name>/index.html
    taking care that the access rights for the file index.html and other files related to this assignment in the filestore are neither too restrictive nor too permissive.


Part 1: Web Access and Access Rights (8 marks)

Your HTML document must be accessible via the specified URL and the files accessible via the web are identical to those that were submitted. The access rights of the files in your filestore must be such that no other user can view their contents in the filestore.

Part 2: Document Structure and Related HTML Markup (27 marks)

  • The HTML document should have content that consists of at least six different parts:
    • Personal Information
    • Career Goal
    • Education
    • Work Experience / Placements
    • Skills
    • Hobbies, Interests, and Achievements
  • The document should include a navigation part that allows easy access to each of the other parts of the document via appropriate hyperlinks.
  • The document should include a footer that indicates the last modification date and time of the document. This should be automatically displayed using JavaScript and this is the only purpose for which JavaScript should be used.
  • The HTML document should have your name prominently centred at the top and your name should also appear in the title of the browser tab in which your HTML document is displayed.
  • The HTML document should have meta data indicating its author, a short description of the content, and keywords relating to the content.

Part 3: Document Content and Related HTML Markup (26 marks)

  • At least one part should have multiple paragraphs of text in it.
  • The document should contain some formatted text demonstrating that you understand what the corresponding elements are used for.
  • There should be at least one list with several items in the document
  • There should be at least one table, some of whose rows, are more than one line long.
  • There should be at least five hyperlinks in the document, both internal as well as external links, at least one link must occur in a sentence.
  • There should be at least 2 images in the document, one must be stored locally along with the document, one must be external. Use of all images must be compliant with copyright law and all images must be attributed correctly.

Part 4: Visual Appearance (24 marks)

  • The document should make use of a style sheet that defines basic formatting style, including the format of lists and tables. The style sheet should be defined in a separate file and linked to your HTML document. You can also use some inline directives for singular changes of style, but you should aim for a good separation of content, semantics and style.
  • Use of frameworks and toolkits like Bootstrap is not allowed.
  • Your HTML document should have a visually pleasing and professional look. Your HTML document must be viewable using Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, MS Edge, and Mozilla Firefox and should look reasonably identical in all these browsers.

Part 5: Quality of the HTML Markup (15 marks)

  • Your document should satisfy the HTML5 standard. Your document should pass through the W3C validator without errors and. ideally, without warnings.
  • The HTML markup in the document must be laid out in a reasonable way with reasonable line breaks and indentation, so that it can be easily read by humans.
  • Some marks are set aside for exceptionally good use of HTML markup.


Submit your HTML document, CSS file, and local images via the departmental submission system at (COMP519-1: Assignment1N (HTML)). Do not forget to also make your HTML document and other files accessible via the departmental web server.


The deadline for this practical assignment is

Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 17:00

Earlier submission is possible, but any submission after the deadline attracts the standard lateness penalties. Please remember that a strict interpretation of `lateness' is applied by the Department, that is, a submission on Wednesday, 25 October 2017, 17:01 is considered to be a day late.


This practical assignment will address the following learning outcomes of the module:

  • ​be able to demonstrate an understanding of the range of technologies and programming languages available to organisations and businesses and be able to choose an appropriate architecture for a web application.
  • be able to make informed and critical decisions, design and implement reasonably sophisticated client-side web applications using HTML and JavaScript.

This practical assignment will contribute 25% to the overall mark of COMP519. Failure on this assignment may be compensated by higher marks on other assignments for this module.

Marks will be awarded according to the scheme outlined in the Requirements section.

As stated above, the University policy on late submissions applies to this assignment as does the University policy on academic integrity, which can be found at