COMP519 Web Programming (2017-18)

Module notes

Copies of the module notes used in the lectures will typically be made available at the start of each lecture. PDF files of the module notes will typically become available shortly after each lecture. They are available in two different formats:
  • as a PDF file with 8 slides per physical page;
  • as a PDF file with 1 slide per physical page.

Spare printouts of the module notes will be available (free of charge) on the shelf opposite the Computer Science Helpdesk, typically shortly after each lecture.

Lectures will also be available as screencasts with audio recording in the near future. To access those you should first log in at using your MWS account before following the link to a screencast in the list below. Alternatively, you can search for `COMP519' on



The practical sessions assume familiarity with the departmental computer systems, in particular, the departmental Linux systems, basic concepts of access control, file transfer/synchronisation between a home PC and the departmental systems, and remote access to the departmental Linux systems. The three `recap' worksheets below allow you to refresh related skills.

During most practical sessions you will work through exercise sheets that are handed out at the start of the session and you will be supported in your work by Andrew Roxburgh. (Please note that the demonstrator is there to help you in the practicals, but not there to help you at any other time.) The exercise sheets will also be available on this web page.
It is assumed that you are already familar with the corresponding lecture material before you do a practical session. Which topics/lecture material each practical corresponds to is indicated in the table below.
There will also be one extra practical session for each of the three assignments. In these sessions you can ask questions about what the requirements of the assignment are.