Liverpool University

University PhD Studentship (2006)

Advancing Formal Verification
Department of Computer Science

Applications are sought for a University funded PhD studentship. The studentship is part of a research programme which aims to develop a powerful and versatile logic engineering platform which will comprise various tools aimed to support both users and developers of logic theories, formal specification frameworks, and automated reasoning formalisms to carry out logical reasoning.

Research on the studentship is intended to focus on formal verification by temporal resolution. The project will investigate computational aspects of temporal resolution and its implementation in TRP++ and its application to range of important real-world problems, for example, feature interaction problems in telecommunications software or access control security protocols for computer systems. The research will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ullrich Hustadt. For additional information see the summary of the project.

The funding provided by the University includes fees at the level of EU/UK applicants as well as a stipend towards the cost of living, both for the three year duration of the project. The stipend is currently set at the level of £12,300 per year (tax free).

Who can apply

The successful applicant is expected to conduct independent research leading to original contributions to the project culminating in a PhD thesis.

Essential knowledge, skills and experience:

How to apply

In order to be considered for this studentship, you will need to make an application for postgraduate study at the University of Liverpool. Please see for details. In section 2 `Registration Sought' of the the application form, please specify `PhD in Computer Science', `MPHIL/SC/F', and `CSMR' for programme description, programm code, and major code, respectively. In section 11 `Proposed Research Area' of the application form, please specify `University PhD Studentship - Advancing Formal Verification'. No further details on the research area or the research proposal are required to be submitted with this application.

For informal enquiries concerning this studentship and additional information concerning the research project please contact Dr. Ullrich Hustadt. Further enquiries regarding the application process can be directed to Dr. Vladimir Sazonov. Queries on PhD study in the Department best to address to Departmental Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Michele Zito. Additional information on Postgraduate research can be found on the Department's website.

The closing date for applications is Wednesday, May 31, 2006. The studentship will start at the beginning of September 2006.

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