U. Hustadt, A. Ozaki and C. Dixon (2017): ``Theorem Proving for Metric Temporal Logic over the Naturals.'' In L. de Moura, editor, Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE-26) [Gothenburg, Sweden, 6-11 August 2017], pp. 326-343. LNCS 10395, Springer, 2017.
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We study translations from Metric Temporal Logic (MTL) over the natural numbers to Linear Temporal Logic (LTL). In particular, we present two approaches for translating from MTL to LTL which preserve the ExpSpace complexity of the satisfiability problem for MTL. In each of these approaches we consider the case where the mapping between states and time points is given by (1) a strict monotonic function and by (2) a non-strict monotonic function (which allows multiple states to be mapped to the same time point). Our translations allow us to utilise LTL solvers to solve satisfiability and we empirically compare the translations, showing in which cases one performs better than the other.

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