U. Hustadt (1993b): ``Abductive Disjunctive Logic Programming.'' In P. Codognet, P. M. Dung, A. C. Kakas, P. Mancarella, editors, Proceedings of the ICLP'93 Postconference Workshop on Abductive Reasoning [Budapest, Hungary, 24-25 June 1993].
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Eshghi and Kowalski (1989) introduced the notion of an abductive framework and proposed stable models as a semantics for abduction. They showed that abductive frameworks can be used to provide an alternative basis for negation-as-failure in logic programming. Kakas and Mancarella (1990) introduced the notion of generalized stable models by suitably extending the definition of stable models. The semantics of generalized stable models clarifies the meaning of integrity constraints within an abductive framework. In (Satoh and Iwayama, 1992) a goal-directed method for computing the generalized stable models of an abductive framework has been proposed. Their method is correct for any consistent abductive framework. Whereas abductive frameworks correspond to normal logic programs with integrity constraints, I propose an extension to disjunctive normal logic programs. Disjunctive normal logic programs extend normal logic programs to disjunctive logic programs and therefore, provide full first-order expressibility.

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