L. Zhang, U. Hustadt, and C. Dixon (2010): ``CTL-RP: A computation tree logic resolution prover.'' In AI Communications 23(2-3):111-136.
Abstract, BibTeX, PDF (IOS Press).

In this paper, we present a resolution-based calculus RCTL>,S for Computation Tree Logic (CTL) as well as an implementation of that calculus in the theorem prover CTL-RP. The calculus RCTL>,S requires a transformation of an arbitrary CTL formula to an equi-satisfiable clausal normal form formulated in an extension of CTL with indexed path formulae. The calculus itself consists of a set of resolution rules which can be used for an EXPTIME decision procedure for the satisfiability problem of CTL. We give a formal semantics for the clausal normal form, provide proof sketches for the soundness and completeness of the resolution rules, discuss the complexity of the decision procedure based on RCTL>,S, and present an approach to implementing the calculus RCTL>,S using first-order techniques. Finally, we give a comparison between CTL-RP and a tableau theorem prover for CTL.

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