Tech Reports


An Application of Agent UML to Supply Chain Management

Marc-Philippe Huget


Agent UML is certainly the most well-known graphical modeling language for describing multiagent systems but until now, it is not applied to real-world applications. The aim of our project is to apply Agent UML to the Supply Chain Management. This project has several objectives: (1) it allows to prove that Agent UML can be applied to real-world applications, (2) it allows to discover what is missing in Agent UML and what is wrong and finally, (3) it allows to define a methodology based on Agent UML and several tools. The aim of this paper is to sum up our first results on appying Agent UML to the Supply Chain Management and especially, the paper sketches what diagrams are interesting and what could be done after in our project.

Keywords: Multiagent Systems, Agent UML, Supply Chain Management.

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