Tech Reports


Overview of CAT: A Market Design Competition

Enrico Gerding, Peter McBurney, Jinzhong Niu, Simon Parsons and Steve Phelps


This document presents detailed information on the Trading Agent Competition (TAC) Mechanism Design Tournament, also known as the CAT Tournament, being held in July 2007. CAT is an abbreviation of catallactics, the science of economic exchange. The document is version 1.1 of the overview, and is issued on 6 June 2007. It replaces version 1.0, which was issued on 28 May 2007.

The 2007 CAT Tournament has been hosted by the Trading Agents Competition, which is being held at AAAI 2007, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The document needs to be read in conjunction with the other documents and software available for public download on the sourceforge site for project jcat, the CAT Market Design Competition.