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Towards Dynamic Assignment of Rights and Responsibilities to Agents

Farnaz Derakhshan, Peter McBurney and Trevor Bench-Capon


Multi-agent computational systems are systems of multiple, interacting software entities. For many such systems, the concepts of organization and roles provide a useful way to structure the activities of agents and of the system, and thus provide a means to structure the design and engineering of these systems. Accordingly, most architectures and frameworks for multi-agent systems (MASs) have some notion of organization and of roles within organizations, and of rights and responsibilities of agents associated to particular roles.

For many applications, the roles, rights and responsibilities of agents may change during the running of the system. In these cases, roles and/or rights and responsibilities (R&Rs) need to be assigned to agents dynamically ie, at run-time. In this paper, after describing normative issues of R&Rs, dynamic issues in MAS, the issue of dynamic assignment of R&Rs of roles to agents is discussed. The paper presents the basis for our future work aimed at implementing a middleware tool for such dynamic assignment in multi-agent systems.

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