Reading Group Activities

Reading group is to hold a weekly meeting where one of the members will have a 30-40 minutes talk, discussing either their own papers, papers from other research groups, or anything that they are interested in. This will be followed by a Q&A and discussion session among the group on the topic.


Anyone can join by request. If you are interested in, please feel free to drop me a message.


Due to the lockdown, we are mainly holding this through virtual meetings (please click: Zoom meeting).

Meeting time:

Starting from the week of 24th August, the meeting time is moved to Tuesday 11:00-12:00, London time.

Talk Schedule:

The following is the schedule. Please drop me message if you have something to discuss (a title of your talk will be good, an abstract will be more than welcomed).
Time Speaker Topic
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 17/11/2020 Dengyu WU Energy Efficient Spiking Neural Networks
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 10/11/2020 Wei Huang Boosting Operational DNN Testing Efficiency through Conditioning
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 03/11/2020 Yuyao Kong, Southeast University In-memory Processing based on Time-domain Circuit
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 27/10/2020 Gaojie Jin How does Weight Correlation Affect the Generalisation Ability of Deep Neural Networks
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 20/10/2020. Han Yu Rate-Distortion Optimization Guided Autoencoder for Isometric Embedding in Euclidean Latent Space
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 13/10/2020 Chi Zhang, University of Exeter POPQORN: Quantifying Robustness of Recurrent Neural Networks
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 06/10/2020 Ronghui Mu, University of Exeter Sparse Adversarial Perturbations for Videos
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 29/09/2020 Guanxiong Shen Radio Frequency Fingerprint Identification for LoRa Using Deep Learning
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 22/09/2020 Dengyu Wu ‘introduction to Spiking Neural Networks’
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 15/09/2020. Peipei Xu. ‘Certified Defenses for Adversarial Patches’
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 08/09/2020 Fu Wang, University of Exeter ‘Adversarial Training for Free!’ and ‘Fast is better than free: Revisiting adversarial training’
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 01/09/2020 Wei Huang Practical Verification of Neural Network Enabled State Estimation System for Robotics
11:00-12:00, Tuesday, 25/08/2020 Gaojie Jin `The Implicit and Explicit Regularization Effects of Dropout'
16:00-17:00, Tuesday, 18/08/2020 Xiaowei Huang Safety Certification of Deep Learning
16:00-17:00, Tuesday, 11/08/2020 Han Yu Rate-Distortion Optimization Guided Autoencoder for Isometric Embedding in Euclidean Latent Space
16:00-17:00, Tuesday, 04/08/2020 Dengyu Wu Introduction to Spiking Neural Networks
16:00-17:00, Tuesday, 28/07/2020 Peipei Xu. Certified Adversarial Robustness via Randomized Smoothing
16:00-17:00, Tuesday, 21/07/2020. Wei Huang. backdoor attack on tree ensembles
16:00-17:00, Tuesday, 14/07/2020 Gaojie Jin predicting generalisation of deep neural networks
16:00-17:00, Tuesday, 07/07/2020. Xinping Yi. spectral analysis of convolutional neural networks