Remotely connecting to the Computer Science Dept

Note that the procedure described below will connect you to the Departmental Unix servers, so that you will have to understand and utilize Unix commands (from the command line).

Connecting to the Departmental servers requires an SSH client. If you are using a Windows machine, one client you can use is MobaXterm. MobaXterm is available for free, just download and install on your machine. Note that there are other free SSH clients available for Windows-based machines, such as PuTTY and Bitvise. (Mention of any of this software should not be interpreted as an endorsement of it, and students should be aware that they use it at their own risk.)

If you are using a Macintosh, you are already basically running a Unix machine. You can just open a terminal window and connect using the SSH client available from the terminal window.

Similarly, if you are using a Unix machine, just use the SSH client available there.

Connect to: or
Port: 22
Use your CS login credentials, not your university credentials.

See also: Working remotely with the CS Servers (Departmental guide to remote connection and file transfers.)