Spookey is a tool that allows for computation of trust metrics for SPKI/SDSI certificate sets.
Download Spookey:

To run you need Java Virtual Machine 1.5 to be installed on your system and then simply double/single-click the JAR file. Spookey can also be run from the command line by
java -jar (the name of the JAR file)

Finally you can test it on some of these examples:
some small collection of example certificate sets or
the whole set of certificates the performance of the tool was tested on.

The input format is the following:
 (key name) (id) -> (second key name) (list of ids) [trust value] 
as a format for name as well as authorisation certificates. Special ID names are used in auth certs to distingish them from the name certificates. These are EBox as an ID for an empty box (transitive permission) and BBox as an id for a black box (nontransitive permission). For example
 K EBox -> K2 friend EBox [0.5] 
grants a transitive permission to friend's of K2 to access K's files with assigned trust 0.5
 K EBox -> K2 friend BBox [0.6] 
grants a nontransitive permission to friend's of K2 to access K's files with assigned trust 0.6
 K BBox -> K2 friend BBox [2] 
does not make sense in the SPKI/SDSI setting, but will not generate a parsing error and the sytem will proceed with the trust value analysis. Finally at the end of such a file one can use
 ? (key name) -> (second key name) 
to ask for the trust value of paritcular authorisation requests. For instance
 ? K -> K2 
will ask the system how much K can trust K2. Spookey computes the trust value for all authorisation requests at the same time and prints out the list of all requests annotated with the trust values in square brackets.

The two trust metrics (probabilistic and mincut) can be run from the menu "Compute", after an example SPKI/SDSI certificate set was read or a new one created directly in the tool. The tool allows for saving and loading both the example certificate sets as well as the computed values by the "Save as" menu option.

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