Like the past editions, the workshop will focus on the many aspects of personalisation for health delivery, related to e-Health environments.

A non exhaustive list of issues of interest is:

  1. adaptive and personalised e-Health information systems (including adaptive content, search and interface)

  2. tailored health education and advice (written and online)

  3. promoting trust and compliance to health advice

  4. personalised assistance, including for special citizens (e.g. disabled, elderly)

  5. personalisation in chronic care (e.g. asthma or diabetes management) as opposed to acute care (e.g. ICU setting)

  6. privacy issues for health related user models

  7. personalisation based both on biometric or genomic factors and clinical information

  8. tailored decision support (for patients and practitioners)

  9. supporting the implementation of guidelines and protocols in healthcare

  10. models of user learning, knowledge, attitude and behaviour change (including compliance)

  11. patient/citizen models

  12. business models (personalisation to various stakeholders)

  13. ontologies for user models for tailored health care delivery

  14. user of ubiquitous and mobile applications for the personalisation of eHealth

  15. methods for evaluating user satisfaction with ehealth systems (weblog analysis, tracking users, quantitative and qualitative methods)

  16. reports on evaluation studies of personalised eHealth systems.

The workshop welcomes contributions from diverse perspectives, such as knowledge engineering, multi agent systems, natural language processing, cognitive modelling, human factors, mobile computing, as well as public health and medical informatics. Contributions may describe applications, approaches, and evaluation studies.