Other Activities

Program Co-Chair of AiML2002 (Advances in Modal Logic), Toulouse, 2002.

PC-member of KR2002 (Knowledge Representation and Reasoning), Toulouse, April 2002.

PC-member of TIME-02 (Temporal Representation and Reasoning), Manchester, July 2002.

PC-member of ESSLLI (European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information), Trento, 2002.

PC-member of FroCoS (Frontiers of Combining Systems), Santa Margherita, April 2002.

Co-Organizer of the Workshop MLiA, (Modal Logic in AI), Vienna, September 2001.

Invited speaker at LPAR, Havana, Cuba, December 2001.

Invited speaker at the Workshop ``Games and Logic'', Tsukuba, Japan, November 2001.

Invited speaker at GI-Fachgruppentreffen Logik in der Informatik, Munich, June 2001.

Invited speaker at IJCAI 2001, Seattle, August 2001.

Member of the Steering Comittee of Advances in Modal Logic.

DFG-project on the connection between modal and description logics.

PC-member of TIME-01.

Organizer and PC-member of AiML-ICTL'2000 in Leipzig, October 2000. See

Lecturer and organizer of a workshop at ESSLLI 2000,
the European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information,
Birmingham August 2000.

Invited Speaker at JELIA,
Malaga, October 2000