I have been teaching at the University since 1990 and over that time have taught a number of different modules and incarnations of different modules. I was the first member of staff to adopt an entirely WWW based platform for all teaching materials (at the time I was very proud of my CGI programming capabilities although this is now rather old fashioned). Having developed all this material I am reluctant to throw it away and thus still have live links from this page. NOTE: THESE PAGES ARE NO LONGER MAINTAINED.

COMP702: MSc 60 credit project

From 2005-2007 I adminsitered the MSc dissertation process.

2CS21 (Renamed COMP101): Introduction to Programming in ...

I still have notes on the old 2CS21 which was Ada based before I revised it to become Java based and it was renamed COMP101. I gave up teaching COMP101 in 2007.

  1. Previous Ada based COMP101 (2CS21).
  2. Old Java based COMP101.

2CS24 (Renamed COMP101): Topics in Computing

I also have notes from the old topics in computing module (2CS24/COMP101) which is no longer run.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  2. Data mining
  3. Declarative languages
  4. Expert systems

2CS45 (Renamed COMP205): Comparative Programming Languages

In 2000 I did a major revission of the COMP205/2CS45 (2nd Year module) material. The old version, which included many Ada examples, can be found here. The pages inlude a lot of CGI programmes which no longer work and which I will not be correcting as I no longer maintain these pages!

I gave up teaching COMP205 in 2001 (after completion of the major revision). Note are here.

COMP553: MSc Object Oriented Programming in Java

I taught COMP553, Object Oriented Programming in Java, for one year in the session 2001-2002. Notes are still available.

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