KBS in Marine Navigation

1. Overview

Frans Coenen's Ph.D. research work (1986-1989) was concerned with an investigation into the application of KBS techniques to marine navigation. This resulted in a highly praised demonstration real-time Collision Avoidance Advisory System (CAAS), and also the publication of number of research papers.

Since 1990 his initial CAAS has continued to undergo further development (it was originally written in PROLOG and was latter recast into the C programming language). The current version of this CAAS is now undergoing commercial evaluation trials.

On gaining my Ph.D he continued to pursue his research interests in IT in maritime navigation and related research topics.

2. Published Papers

2.1 Refereed journal papers

  1. Coenen, F.P., Smeaton, G.P. and Bole, A.G. (1989). Knowledge-Based Collision Avoidance. Journal of Navigation, Vol 42, Jan 1989, pp107-116.
  2. Smeaton, G.P. and Coenen, F.P. (1990). Developing an Intelligent Marine Navigation System. IEE, Computing and Control Engineering Journal, March 1990, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp95-103.

2.2 Refereed conference papers

  1. Smeaton, G.P., Bole, A.G. and Coenen, F.P. (1988). A Rule Based System for Collision Avoidance. Proceedings, International Conference on Maritime Communications and Control, Institute of Marine Engineers, London.
  2. Smeaton, G.P. and Coenen, F.P. (1989). Information Processing in Navigation. IEE, Colloquium on Marine Communications, Control and Safety, IEE, London.

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