Research students:

Current PhD students:

  • Joe Collenette

  • Benjamin Burger

  • Benjamin Schnieders

  • Gautam Pal (in collaboration with XJTLU)

  • Vijayakumar Nanjappan (in collaboration with XJTLU)

  • James O'Neill

  • Mahmood Alsaadi

  • Jing Qian (in collaboration with XJTLU)

Past PhD students:

  • Latifa Al-Abdulkarim (2017), thesis title: Representation of Case Law for Argumentative Reasoning.

  • Luke Riley (2015), thesis title: Decentralised Coalition Formation Methods for Multi-Agent Systems.

  • Martyn Lloyd-Kelly (2014), thesis title: Modelling Emotions and Simulating their Effects on Social Interactions in Agent Systems.

  • Rolando Medellin Gasque (2013), thesis title: Argumentation-based Dialogues over Cooperative Plans.

  • Samer Nofal (2013), thesis title: Algorithms for Argument Systems.

  • Santhana Chaimontree (2012), thesis title: Multi-Agent Data Mining with Negotiation: A Study in Multi-Agent Based Clustering.

  • Dan Cartwright (2010), thesis title: Digital Decision-Making: Using Computational Argumentation to Support Democratic Processes.

PhD examinations:

  • Thomas C. King (2016), Delft University of Technology. Thesis title: Governing Governance: A Formal Framework for Analysing Institutional Design and Enactment Governance.

  • Emmanuel Agiriga (2016), University of Liverpool. Thesis title: A Multiagent Based Simulation of Mammaliam Behaviour..

  • Zaher Salah (2014), University of Liverpool. Thesis title: Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Approaches for the Analysis of Parliamentary Debates..

  • Neelam Gohar (2012), University of Liverpool. Thesis title: Manipulative Voting Dynamics.

  • Elisabetta Erriquez (2012), University of Liverpool. Thesis title: Computational Models of Trust.

  • Stella Heras Barberá (2011), Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Thesis title: Case-Based Argumentation in Agent Societies.

  • Tom van der Weide (2011), University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Thesis title: Arguing to Motivate Decisions.

  • Cassia Trojahn dos Santos (2009), University of Evora, Portugal. Thesis title: A Cooperative Approach for Composite Ontology Matching.

  • Matthew Williams (2008), University College London. Thesis title: Integrating Ontologies and Argumentation for Decision-Making in Breast Cancer.

  • Farnaz Derakhshan (2008), University of Liverpool. Thesis title: The Implementation of Dynamic Assignment of Rights, Responsibilities and Sanctions to External Agents in Normative Multiagent Systems.