The post-proceedings volume of the 7th International Workshop on Engineering Multi-Agent Systems (EMAS 2019) is now available as Springer LNCS volume 12058

EMAS 2019: Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Accountability and Agents for Engineering Business Processes
Matteo Baldoni, Cristina Baroglio, Olivier Boissier, Roberto Micalizio and Stefano Tedeschi

From Programming Agents to Educating Agents – A Jason-based Framework for Integrating Learning in the Development of Cognitive Agent
Michael Bosello and Alessandro Ricci

Plan Library Reconfigurability in BDI Agents
Rafael C. Cardoso, Louise A. Dennis and Michael Fisher

Hercule: Reasoning about Norms over Unstructured Events
Samuel Christie, Amit Chopra and Munindar Singh

Incorporating social practices in BDI agent systems
Stephen Cranefield and Frank Dignum

An Architecture to Integrate BDI Agents with a Simulation Environment
Alan Davoust, Patrick Gavigan, Cristin Ruiz-Martin, Guillermo Trabes, Babak Esfandiari, Gabriel Wainer and Jeremy James

On Enactability of Agent Interaction Protocols: Towards a Unified Approach
Angelo Ferrando, Michael Winikoff, Stephen Cranefield, Frank Dignum and Viviana Mascardi

The ``Why did you do that?'' Button: Answering Why-questions for end users of Robotic Systems
Vincent J. Koeman, Louise A. Dennis, Matt Webster, Michael Fisher and Koen Hindriks

Who's that? - Modelling Social Situations for Behaviour Support Agents
Ilir Kola, Catholijn M. Jonker and M. Birna van Riemsdijk

Using MATSim as a Component in Dynamic Agent-Based Micro-Simulations
Dhirendra Singh, Lin Padgham and Kai Nagel

Agents are More Complex than Other Software: An Empirical Investigation
Alon Zanbar and Gal Kaminka

Short Papers

Concurrency and Asynchrony in Protocol Languages (Short Paper)
Amit Chopra, Samuel Christie and Munindar Singh

An Introduction to Engineering Multiagent Industrial Symbiosis Systems: Potentials and Challenges (Short Paper)
Vahid Yazdanpanah, Devrim Murat Yazan, Jos van Hillegersberg and Mehdi Dastani

Doctoral Papers

From Goals to Organisations: automated organisation generator for MAS (Doctoral Paper)
Cleber Amaral and Jomi Fred Hübner

What Does it Take to Create Social Awareness for Support Agents? (Doctoral Paper)
Ilir Kola, Catholijn M. Jonker and M. Birna van Riemsdijk

Demo Papers

Jacamo-web is on the fly: an interactive Multi-Agent System IDE (Demo Paper)
Cleber Amaral and Jomi Fred Hübner

JS-son - A Minimal JavaScript BDI Agent Library (Demo Paper)
Timotheus Kampik and Juan Carlos Nieves

SAT for Epistemic Logic using Belief Bases (Demo Paper)
Fabián Romero and Emiliano Lorini