Liverpool Algorithms Day


23 May, 2008

Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool

General Information

Liverpool Algorithms Day (LAD'08) will be held at the Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, in Liverpool, on 23 May, 2008. LAD'08 is a sequel to LAD'99 and LAD'03 that took place in Liverpool in years '99 and '03. The main aim of LAD is to gather researchers and students interested in studying and exploration of the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of discrete algorithms. In year 2008 the meeting coincides with the Inaugural Lecture of Professor Leslie Ann Goldberg.

Here is a flyer (in PDF) for the meeting, giving details about the program and invited speakers.


We expect participants (academics, researchers and students) from various UK academic sites. Everybody is welcome at LAD'08. (Here is a partial list of known participants.)


The presentations are allocated in 30 minutes slots (including questions). There will be a number of sessions. One before and a couple more after lunch. The event is expected to start at 10.00am (with a good quality coffee :-) and to conclude with the Inaugural Lecture reception starting at about 5.45pm.
The program (HTML). The flyer (PDF).


Ashton Building Lecture Theatre, Ashton Bldg (18), check also the whole map of the University campus.

Organising Committee

Leszek Gąsieniec (chair) Paul Goldberg Markus Jalsenius
email: email: email:
tel: (+44 151) 795 4290 tel: (+44 151) 795 4259 tel: (+44 151) 795 4281
Darek Kowalski Prudence W-H Wong Department of Computer Science
email: email: University of Liverpool
tel: (+44 151) 795 4285 tel: (+44 151) 795 4257 L69 3BX, Liverpool, UK
fax: (+44 151) 795 4235


It is advised (but not obligatory) to inform organisers before attending the meeting. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors there will be no registration fee (lunch and tea, coffee and cookies will be provided).


This is a one day meeting with an assumption that most of the participants will come and leave on the same day. However we will help to arrange accommodation for all who are interested in staying in Liverpool longer. We recommend two hotels placed close to the university campus: The Liner Hotel and The Feathers Hotel. If you wish to do so please contact organisers as soon as possible.

Travel and Parking

Before travelling to the University of Liverpool, you may consult the maps of the University and the region available from here. Please note that there is a convenient car park for visitors in the centre of the university campus (by the sport centre) however with rather high daily charge on the level of 10 pounds :-(. You can avoid this fare if you leave your car at, e.g., NCP car park on the corner of Brownlow Hill and Mount Pleasant (5 minutes walk from the department) at the fraction of this price.

Other information

Well being and comfort of LAD participants is our top priority, i.e., email access, space for discussion, tea/coffee/cookie access will be provided. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions/suggestions that you may have.

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