1st Feb 2019 14.30-17.30

University of Liverpool campus in London [EC2A 1AG]

See map location here

Organised by the Autonomy & Verification Lab, at the University of Liverpool and the Cyber-Security Centre at the University of Warwick, under the FAIR-SPACE Hub.


Cyber security is a key concern within most complex, communicating systems particularly cyber-physical systems that may involve robotics, autonomy, and/or machine-learning. Currently these kinds of systems are under-represented in space deployments. However, recent advancements in the development of such systems indicates that future space missions will inevitably deploy robotics, autonomy, and machine-learning in a much more fundamental way. Due to the communicating nature of these systems, cyber security considerations should play a central role in the design and development of future space research and missions.


The Future AI and Robotics for Space (FAIR-SPACE) Hub brings together leading experts from academia, industry and governments, and aims to push the boundary of AI and robotics for future space utilisation and exploration. The Hub will help to advance knowledge and technologies in orbital manipulation, extra-terrestrial vehicles, and robotic support for astronaut missions. These technologies aim to directly address technical priorities in the space sector worldwide. In the longer term, the Hub will help to advance the field to a new era by achieving long-lived robotic operations in space.


We will bring leading companies tackling the development of future space technologies together with academic experts from the FAIR-SPACE Hub to discuss security in order to scope out research priorities and to develop collaborative R&D programmes on the topic of cyber security between FAIR-SPACE and industrial partners. Issues are across

* a range of threats

* a variety of deployment environments (planetary, orbital, etc.)

* a spectrum of risk/safety/trust consequences

* potential and viable solutions

Participation: is free, but please register via the Eventbrite page here before 19/01/2019.