Picture of Matt Luckcuk

I’m Research Associate in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, where I’m working on the Autonomous Robots in Hazardous Environments project – details of the EPSRC grant can be found here. I am working on three separate, but related, hubs. Each hub focusses on a different hazardous environment: nuclear, offshore, and space. Such environments are remote and hazardous to humans, so robotic systems deployed there require a high level of autonomy and rigorous verification.

I work with Michael Fisher in the Autonomy and Verification Laboratory. My post-doctoral research on this project involves the verification of autonomous robotic systems in the previously mentioned hazardous environments. I am looking at a range of techniques, including process algebraic models and temporal logic. More information about my research can be found on my personal website.

Current Work

I recently gave a short presentation about my current work.

My current work covers:

  • Formalisms for Autonomous Robotic Systems
    • Robotics and Integrated Formal Methods: Necessity meets Opportunity. In Integrated Formal Methods Download:
    • Formal Specification and Verification of Autonomous Robotic Systems: A Survey. Submitted to ACM Computing Surveys Download:
  • Heterogeneous Specification of Robotic Systems
  • Safety Cases and Verifiable Run-Time Monitors