The Centre for Autonomous Systems Technology is a collaboration that leverages expertise in Computer Science, Electronics, and Engineering from across the University of Liverpool.

We carry out research, provide training, and interact with industry in order to develop, analyze, enhance and deploy autonomous systems.


We collaborate closely with the Virtual Engineering Centre at Daresbury, who provide both exploitation and technology transfer expertise plus high-fidelity simulation and visualisation facilities.

Recent awards:

  1. *GAMMA: Growing Autonomous System Mission Management Applications [Regional Growth Fund]

  2. *Reconfigurable Autonomy [EPSRC Autonomous and Intelligent Systems research programme]

Our expertise covers a range of technologies and sectors, from satellites, through UAVs, to robotics, sensor networks and autonomous software.

Autonomous UAV Collision Avoidance Manoeuvre (Virtual Engineering Centre)

Simulation of an Autonomous Satellite exploring the Trojan Asteroids (in collaboration with the University of Southampton)