Logic-Based Agent Implementation

An AgentLink/CologNet Symposium

3rd February, 2003; Barcelona, Spain

Supported by:

European Network of Excellence on Agent-Based Systems (AgentLink);
European Network of Excellence on Computational Logic (CologNet)

Symposium co-chairs:

Jürgen Dix (University of Manchester, U.K.) http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~jdix
Michael Fisher (University of Liverpool, U.K.)


This symposium concerns the theory and practice of logic-based agent technology, and its overall aim is to enhance the uptake of logic-based approaches to the implementation of agents. In particular, we wish to consolidate expertise, showcase successful applications, and stimulate further research and collaboration in logic-based agent implementation. Additionally, we hope to elicit real-world problems that can be tackled using a logic-based approach, and thus provide input to both common benchmarks and the development of technological road-maps for the area.


08:55-09:00 Welcome and Introduction [Michael Fisher/Jürgen Dix]

09:00-10:00 Keynote speaker: V.S. Subrahmanian (Univ. Maryland, USA) - Scaling Heterogeneous Agent Systems

10:00-10:35 Wiebe van der Hoek (Univ. Liverpool, UK) - Goals in Agent Programming Languages

10:35-10:50 BREAK

10:50-11:25 Seif Haridi (SICS, SE) - Implementation of Agents in Mozart

11:25-12:00 Giuseppe De Giacomo (Univ. Roma, IT) - Deliberation and Execution in the Situation Calculus

12:00-12:35 Chiara Ghidini (Univ. Liverpool, UK) - Using Executable Logics to Program Individual Rational Agents

12:35-14:00 LUNCH

14:00-15:00 Keynote speaker: Hisashi Hayashi (Toshiba, Japan) - picoPlangent: A Dynamic Planning Mobile Agent System Based on Logic Programming

15:00-15:35 Luis Moniz Pereira (Univ. Nova de Lisboa, PT) - Implementing Rational Features for Agents in Logic Programming

15:35-15:50 BREAK

15:50-16:25 Sverker Janson (SICS, SE) - Trading Agents, Constraints, and Logic Programming

16:25-17:00 Monique Calisti (Whitestein Technologies, CH) - Constraint satisfaction techniques for intelligent reasoning agents

17:00-17:35 Maurizio Martelli (Univ. Genova, IT) - The use of Logic Programming for Prototyping MAS Applications

17:35 CLOSE