Software Tools

Occupancy Calculator. Python bits of a simple occupancy calculator used for the experiments reported in the paper below: README.txt,, and coords.txt. The program, based on a simple exhaustive strategy, works well on small (20-50 point) data sets. Better methods can be devised for different type of data.

M. Bertamini, N. Scott-Samuel, M. Zito, J. Hulleman - Spatial Clustering and Its Effect on Perceived Clustering, Numerosity and Dispersion. Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics. 78(5) 1460--1471. 2016.

Synthetic Databases. Here's the JAVA classes for version 1.0 (beta) of a synthetic database generator (the CoZi generator):,,, with a picture of the item occurrence distribution (on a log-log scale) for a database generated by this program with 20K transactions on 7,902 items (average size about 10).

C. Cooper, M. Zito - Realistic synthetic data for testing association rule mining algorithms for market basket databases. ECML - PKDD 2007, Warsaw. (Poster and presentation video)

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