Argumentation in A.I. and Law

Argumentation in A.I. and Law

ICAIL'05 Workshop

June 10th 2005 - Bologna, Italy

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A workshop on Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence and Law will be held as part of the ICAIL'05 Workshop Programme.

Argumentation has been recognised as a key area of importance in Artificial Intelligence and Law for over a decade. The study of argumentation in general AI is receiving increasing attention as AI comes to recognise that a persuasive or convincing argument is not the same as a formal mathematical proof. In many areas of human reasoning - including law - a formal demonstration of the truth of a proposition is often not possible. In such domains rationality must be based on some more or less persuasive argument. Argumentation has also long been of interest to informal logicians, but increasingly attempts are being made to make the notions involved sufficiently precise to be amenable to embodiment in computer systems, especially multi-agent systems. In particular the notion of dialogue can be modelled using argumentation, which is an important aspect of agent to agent communication. These features are reflected in the specific nature of legal reasoning and argumentation.

While the aim of this workshop is to allow researchers with primary interests in legal reasoning, dialogue, and argumentation to exchange ideas about current developments, it is also intended to appeal to specialist with interests in topics such as multiagent negotiation, dialogue models, and argumentation.

Topics of particular interest include (but are not limited to)

Submission Information

Both full papers of length not exceeding 12 pages and short position papers (length not exceeding 6 pages) may be submitted. Authors should use one of the ICAIL approved style templates and submit electronically either to one of the organisers or through the ICAIL'05 Workshop Paper Submission site.

Submitted papers must be in either postscript or PDF.

Important Dates

A special issue of the journal Artificial Intelligence and Law has been arranged in which full versions of selected papers presented at this workshop will be published.


Paul E. Dunne Trevor Bench-Capon
University of Liverpool, UK

Program Committee

This workshop is taking place with support from the Argumentation Service Platform with Integrated Components (ASPIC) Project of the European Commission. and the web site is