Data Structures and Information

Paul E. Dunne - Course Information

The first 12 lectures of this course form a natural continuation of the first semester course COMP101 - Introduction to Programming in Java.

These provide an introduction to more advanced mechanisms of data structuring and the importance of Abstract Data Types. Concepts are discussed both in a language-independent setting and then in their specific Java implementation.

Warning: This material is current being developed and the content of pages currently present may alter.

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Provisional Practical Class Allocations

COMP102 Assessed Practical Description

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The Java sources of all examples given in the lectures may be accessed from this page.

Lecture 1: Introduction, Background and Review: Arrays of Objects.

Lecture 2: Multi-dimensional Arrays.

Lecture 3: More on Multi-dimensional Arrays: An example application.

Lecture 4: Unconstrained Multi-dimensional arrays.

Lecture 5: Introduction to dynamic data structures.

Lecture 6: A Linked List Package and Its Use.

Lecture 7: Stacks.

Lecture 8: Queues.

Lecture 9: A Basic Record Maintenance Application using Linked Lists

Lecture 10: Binary Trees and Tree Traversal.

Lecture 11: Files and File Handling: Types of file and file access methods

Lecture 12: Review, slippage.