Welcome to COMP228 - App Development
[and COMP327 Mobile Computing]

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Lecture - Lecture material will be delivered covering the whole syllabus, and will include practical examples and code fragments to illustrate the different issues pertinent to App Development.

Laboratory Work - A series of lab tutorials in increasing levels of autonomy will walk the students through the development of several apps that illustrate different aspects of App development


Introduction to App Development (1 lecture)

Swift programming (6 lectures)
- Basics, Types, Memory management, App Lifecycle, MVC, threads, frameworks.​

iOS fundamentals (2 lectures)
- Views, view controllers, segues, transitions.

App Design (3 lectures)
- HCI, Storyboards, protoyping, user-testing, cross-platform development.

Data persistence and Core Data (2 lectures)
- iOS file system, Property lists, JSON, XML, Core Data.

Web services and external data sources (1 lecture)
- Web APIs, JSON, XML, mobile-first.

Multimedia (1 lecture)
- images, vdeo and audio.

Context and Sensors (2 lectures)
- spatial awareness, context, Augmented Reality.

Emerging technologies / Internet of Things (2 lectures)

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