Wolf 359 Babylon5 conventions

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1995 - Manchester (the Gathering - ST/B5)

Main guests:

jms, Michael O'Hare, Majel Barrett-Rodenberry & Ed Wasser (who was the guest replacement for Mira Furlan).

Each of us had individual T-shirts, designed by me:

Why not discover how to make your own? (a la Blue Peter)

1996 - Blackpool (the Encounter - ST/B5)

Main guests:

jms, Bruce Boxleitner, Andreas Katsulas (who was the guest replacement for Michael O'Hare), Steven Furst, Bill Mumy, Rene Auberjonois.

This was my T-shirt design for 1996:

If anyone wants to make a T-shirt with this design on the front then feel free.


1997 - Blackpool (The Alliance - B5)

Main guests:

jms, Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, Andreas Katsulas, Peter Jurasik, Jerry Doyle, Claudia Christian, Michael O'Hare,Steven Furst, Bill Mumy, Joshua Cox, Pat Tallman, Ed Wasser, Jason Carter, Walter Koenig, Jeff Conaway, Wayne Alexander, Julie Caitlin-Brown, Jeffrey Willerth.

1997's T-shirt design.